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Games to Play at a Princess Party

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While your princess visit is certain to be the main attraction of your little girl’s birthday, you will want to have games and activities ready for the moments when your princess isn’t around. Check out our princess party game ideas for the big day!

Games to Play at a Princess party

Pass the “Poison” Apple: Like Hot Potato, this game involves sitting in a circle and handing or tossing an apple to the next person. Have music playing in the background, perhaps the soundtrack to your little girl’s favorite princess movie, and stop the music randomly. Whoever is stuck with the apple is out!

Pin the Lips on the Frog: Cut out red and pink paper lips, stick tape to the back, and have the girls close their eyes to pin it to a frog cutout on the wall. Whichever little one is closest to the frog’s mouth gets a treat.

Slipper Hunt: Hide a plastic dress up shoe somewhere in the house or out in the yard and let the kids run around to find it. You can also hide other items, like a crown or wands, but let them know the game isn’t over until someone finds the shoe!

Princess Match: Print out pictures of fairytale characters and lay them out in a grid on a table. Have the guests (in small teams or individually) flip the cards over to try to find a matching pair. You can have the pairs be a princess and her prince, or a princess and her trusty animal sidekick!

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