Princess Party Ideas

How to Include Boys in a Princess Party

A princess is a wonderful friend to have, and we’re certain that even boys will be enchanted to meet one! Here are our ideas for a boy-friendly princess party.

★ January 16, 2018

Princess Party Ideas for Six-Year-Olds

Your little princess is at an exciting age! Make her party even more magical with our ideas for your six-year-old’s princess party.

★ January 3, 2018

Fairytale Food Ideas for Your Princess Party

Do you wish you had a fairy godmother who could plan your princess party menu for you? We’re here to help!

★ December 13, 2017

Princess Party Favor Ideas

These magical treats will be perfect to send home with your young guests to help them remember such a special day!

★ November 27, 2017

Should Your Princess Visit Be a Surprise?

Wondering whether or not to surprise your child with a princess visit? We’ll help you get to the bottom of this royal mystery.

★ October 23, 2017

Games to Play at a Princess Party

Little royals love to play. Check out these exciting ideas for princess party games!

★ July 25, 2017

Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Princess Party

Sugar and sweets are princess party necessities! Find the perfect cake for your little girl’s big day.

★ June 6, 2017

How to Decorate For an Elsa Party

Elsa would want you to let go of all your decorating woes and focus on how much fun your party will be. These ideas will help you have a magical day.

★ April 24, 2017

Must-Have Photos at Your Child's Princess Party

Photos capture those special moments you’ll want to cherish forever. A princess party is full of those moments, and our tips will help you have lasting memories of every single one!

★ April 12, 2017

Where to Find Princess Dress Up Clothes

Dressing up like their favorite fairytale characters is fun for young party guests. We’ve put together our best tips for where to find costumes.

★ April 12, 2017

Why Choose The Princess Party Co?

What can I expect when I throw a princess party? We take a detailed look at what make events with The Princess Party Co. so magical and unique.

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Planning For Your Child's Princess Party

A helpful guide to preparing for your child's upcoming princess party event.

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Charity is at the Heart of The Princess Party Co.

Our company is dedicated to seeking opportunities for creating magical memories and bringing hope to less fortunate children.

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