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Princess Party Favor Ideas

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Every child loves to leave a party with a goodie bag or favor! Luckily, when you throw a princess party, there are some really simple, amazing ideas that both fit your theme and make exciting treats for little ones. Check out our ideas for princess party favors.

Princess Party Favor Ideas

A crown. Little princesses can never have too many crowns! Whether you purchase a big batch of plastic crowns from a party store and hand them out at the end of your event, or you let the children decorate their own paper or foam crowns during the party, each one will be excited to leave with a brand new accessory!

Costume jewelry. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and clip-on earrings are all necessities for little royals in training. You can set out jewelry boxes with a colorful variety and let the kids pick their own of each piece, or fill little goodie bags and let it be a surprise.

Monogrammed cupcake boxes. A single cupcake makes for a delicious take-home treat, especially if you choose not to serve dessert during the party. Personalize each child’s treat box with their name or initials and match the colors of the letters, box, and frosting to the palette of your princess.

Activity books, stickers, and crayons. For a favor that is a little more interactive, send each child home with a fairytale-themed creative outlet. These items are all available at dollar stores, making for a cheap yet thoughtful gift. You can even find ones that match your princess guest to keep the magic alive after they leave!

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