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How to Decorate for a Tiana Party

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A princess party with Tiana is a grand occasion! Your little girl’s event with her favorite dreamer is going to be beautiful. We have tips and ideas for how to decorate your enchanting Tiana party!

How to Decorate for a Tiana Party

Serene colors like green, purple, and blue are perfect to set the scene for your party. Tiana’s tale takes place near the bayou, so natural decor elements will definitely hit the mark for a delightful occasion. Lilypads, water lilies, and, of course, frogs, are all great decor items to start with that reflect the theme of your princess guest.

Cutting out lilypad shapes from various shades of green felt will give you versatile decor you can use in many places! They can be placed on the ground as “stepping stones” to all of your party’s important locations, on tables as placemats, or strung as a garland and hung from the ceiling.

Water lilies are beautiful and would make lovely centerpieces floating in small fishbowls or wide vases. The water will make for another great decor element, as the bayou plays a part in Tiana’s story!

Frog figurines, cutouts, and silhouettes are a must for a frog princess-inspired party! They can be placed just about anywhere in your party space for a playful touch.

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